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Circular Sawmill

Circular Saw Mill Machine

Circular Saw Mill Machine is intended for sawing logs - logs with a diameter at the butt of up to 800 mm in softwood and hardwood timber boards on the set sizes.


Specifications Circular Sawmill

Characteristics AIM P18D560 AIM P22D610
The diameter of the log to be cut, mm 150 - 800 150 - 800
The length of the logs, m 12 12
The maximum cross-section of the timber, mm 200x200 225x225
Feed rate of cut, m / min 0-50 0-70
Cutting speed, m / s 60 60
Precision cutting, mm ± 0,5 ± 0,5
Saw blade diameter, mm 450-610 450-610
Rated speed saws, rev / min 2940 2940
Engine power saw blade, kWt 18.5 22.0
Specific power consumption, kW / m³ PM 5.5 7
Performance on the logs, the cube. m / hour 1-2,0 1.5-2.5
Total installed power, kW 40.0 48.0
Dimensions (length / width / height), m 10.8 / 2.5 / 2.6 10.8 / 2.5 / 2.6
Weight, kg 2100 2300
Price, USD 15 000 21 000

Circular Sawmill with computer controlled cutting cycle is a basic model of the angle circular saws line. It is usually the only and absolutely sufficient sawing technology solution, with all the advantages of circular saws and of simple machine with light frame, easy to assemble and transport.


  • The circular saw is designed for cutting logs up to 800 mm in diameter and 12 m of length for producing building timber, carpentry timber, palette laths, prisms, planks and lumber of accurate dimensions and smooth surface.
  • The low installing input power, reasonable price, low operating costs and standard shift capacity of this saw guarantee profitable economic return of the investment.
  • For log fixing, the machine is, as a standard outfit, supplied with mechanical clamps.
  • The OMRON unit automatically controls cutting cycle - advance horizontal cut, deceleration and stop of the saw head carriage at the end of a fixing frame, saw blade tilting to a vertical position, and return vertical cut. 
  • After cutting off the required piece, the saw blade tilts to a horizontal position again, and the new cut piece dimensions are pre-set.
  • The operator only regulates the cutting speed and pre-sets the cutting piece dimensions.
  • Lumber saw-cut dimension parameters are set up through an OMRON control unit, which higher the speed and accuracy of the setting process.
  • Within both movements, advance and return, of the sawing cycle the saw blade cuts opposed, without the need to change its sense of rotation.
  • Optionally, according to a type of required product to be produced, the saw can be equipped with a saw blade of different diameter, what makes this saw highly universal.