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Thermodynamic wood drying

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At the thermodynamic drying heat is supplied to the material only direct emission of heat from a very hot source. Heat sources are special ceramic infrared panel.

The heat is distributed in a straight line. This heat penetrates into the wood to a depth of 10-12 mm. Thus, with the bilateral heating for a few tens hours can be dried softwood boards 20-25 mm. It is ten times faster drying chamber timber. 

OPTIONS 12 m3 16 m3 24 m3 48 m3
Overall dimensions of the chamber, mm 3500L 2400W 2500H  4500L 2400W 2500H  6500L 2400W 2500H  12500L 2400W 2500H 
Displacement, mm 3200L 2200W 2200H  4200L 2200W 2200H  6200L 2200W 2200H  12500L 2200W 2200H 
Overall dimensions of the pile, mm 3000L 2000W 2000H  4000L 2000W 2000H  6000L 2000W 2000H  6000L 2000W 2000H(2)
The final (max) Humidity timber 5%
humidity Drying time  
softwood 10% 36 hours
hardwood: 10% 40 hours
oak to 50 mm 170 hours
Power consumption:  
nominal (operating) 2.4 kW 3.6 kW 4.8 kW 9.6 kW
max (heating) 9 kW 10.5 kW 18 kW 36 kW
Energy consumption per 1 m3:        
coniferous 60 kW
Weight of 1,5 t 2.0 t 3.0 t 6.0 t
Installation supervision 7 days
Warranty service 1 year
Cost, USD 21 000,00 24 000,00 27 000,00 43 000,00